Parsec Instruments is a family-owned business operating out of middle Tennessee. My mission is to provide quality telescope components to a worldwide community of amateur astronomers. This endeavor is driven by a great passion for astronomy and a care for the people who pursue it. A truly exceptional product should enhance your experience. To that end I have given the utmost attention to aesthetics and performance in designing each of my products.


In 2009 my efforts designing and fabricating custom components for myself transitioned into a successful business endeavor. I have been blessed with the opportunity to provide astronomers all over the world with the components they need. My sincerest thanks goes out to a steadily growing user base of observers, astrophotographers, and amateur telescope makers who have added my products to their arsenals.

Supporting the Greatest Hobby on Planet Earth

Beginning with my first look through a telescope at the age of eight Astronomy has been a life-ling interest of mine. Nearly twenty years later I found myself in a position to pursue it more seriously, feeding off the knowledge and enthusiasm of the amateurs with whom I now spend most of my time under the stars. Astronomy is literally riding the shockwave of the information age. Amateurs worldwide are wielding tools that professionals of yesteryear could only dream of. Their collective zeal for visual observing, advanced imaging, and building the telescopes themselves, is continually blurring the lines between hobby and profession...between recreational pastime and scientific discovery.